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::  MIM-330 Laser Microscope

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Laser microscope for biomed research

MIM-330 Modulation interference Microscope is an innovative device from the recently launched generation of laser interference microscopes. It is designed for comprehensive investigation of biological objects in vitro, and offers extraordinary spatial optical resolution and operating speed. It is an ideal tool for pharmacology, physiology, developmental biology and for investigation of live cells and organelles.

Operating principle

MIM-330 is based on phase modulation and original signal processing algorithm. MIM-330 offers innovative solution for 3D nano-imaging and nano-investigation in biology and medicine.
Optionally, it can be equipped with a fluorescent channel.

MIM-330 acquires object phase images based on the distribution of optical path difference in the interferometer. These images contain information about geometrical relief and optical properties of the cells and organelles.


MIM-330 features all advantages of traditional optical microscopes, namely, high operating speed, contactless and non-damaging operating mode.  The latter is key to analysis of live objects like cells and organelles.

Not only does MIM-330 enable 3D profiling of relief, but also allows obtaining optical parameters (optical density, refracting index, anisotropy, phase composition) of cells and organelles.


High operation speed and nanoscale resolution allow investigating nanodynamics which is key to better understanding of process in living cells, organelles and of cell interaction mechanisms.

MIM-330 requires no prior preparation or modification of samples.  MIM-330 is delivered as a comprehensive set of equipment and software ready for real-time phase images acquisition and analysis.

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